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WAM We Are Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency founded in 2014 with primary offices in Madrid and Valencia, Spain as well as Milan. WAM also boasts partnered offices around the world. Working across both divisions of the Corporate team, Global Communications, and Corporate Marketing, my role focused on crafting the social media calendar for WAM-owned channels in English as well as drafting Spanish-language posts, translating content into American English for our English-speaking audience, developing longer-form assets, and providing support for The Inbounder series of digital marketing conferences. I also worked on the personal branding for WAM's CEO, Giorgio Ascolese, managing his social media presence (primarily Twitter and moving into more Instagram) and ghostwriting content for him. I also worked on other Content Marketing projects that include rewriting the WAM website, landing pages for services, and translating a whitepaper about the future of the tourism industry. In April 2019, WAM acquired LeadClic, allowing for more opportunities for further content initiatives. 




WAM Blog: Content written by me

[Interview] Digital Marketing and 2019 Trends with Fila North America


WAM Blog: Content ghostwritten by me

[Interview] B2B Marketing Strategies with Europe Emirates Group from Salesforce: Solutions to Resume Business

The Rise of Podcasts and Podcast Marketing

How the EU Parliament Copyright Directive Impacts Social Media

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WAM Blog: Content translated from Spanish into American English

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WAM Blog: Edited Content

Interview with Paloma Real, Managing Director of Mastercard Spain

How to Optimize Your Marketing Budget

Whitepapers: Translated and Adapted for the US Market in American English

The Next Great Tourism Revolution: A Report on Travel and Tourism Trends

Microsites/Pillar Pages 

Trends and Factors in Travel and Tourism

Salesforce & WAM: The Ideal Partnership for a Fully-Connected Customer Experience

Ghostwriting for Giorgio Ascolese, CEO of WAM We Are Marketing

DISC Theory: Behavioral Insights to Boost Your Talent

Digital Marketing That Doesn’t Translate Into Higher Sales Is Just Smoke and Mirrors

DISC Theory for More Customer-Centric Buyer Personas



Translations of Press Contributions for Giorgio Ascolese, CEO of WAM We Are Marketing

Expectations and Reality in the Times of Digital Mythology


The Inbounder Blog: Edited and/or translated into American English

The 5 Most Frequent Mistakes In E-Commerce Copies

Influencer Marketing, More Than Directing Traffic To Your Site

The Inbounder 2018: Here's What Happened

The Art and Science of Looking at SERPs on Google

From "Call to Action" to "Point Out the Benefit" to Optimize Your CTA Copywriting

How to Discover Your Website's Hidden SEO Potential

Long-Form Video: The Best Solution for Video Branding

How B2B Companies Can Build Effective Influencer Outreach

How to Calculate Your SEO's Value

LeadClic Blog: Translated into American English

We’re Launching in Italy Hand in Hand With We Are Marketing


Artiem Magazine by Artiem Hotels: Translated into British English

The Sleep Revolution is Here to Help You Improve Sleep Quality

Discover the Measures ARTIEM is Taking in Light of the Coronavirus

Here's How ARTIEM is Managing Remote Teams

Local Food Products: A Sustainable, Caring Collaboration from ARTIEM and Sa Cooperativa del Camp

An Inside Look at Easter Week Traditions in Menorca, Asturias and Madrid


Seanest: Edited and Optimized for SEO in British English

Why You Should Buy a Property for Sale in Calpe This Year

The Pros and Cons of Buying Property Abroad

How to Evaluate a Property Value

Types of Long-Term Investments and the Best Options

Selling a Property: Main USPs

Grupo Esmeralda: Edited and Optimized for SEO in British English

How to Create Personas for Your Real Estate Marketing

Shopping in Calpe: Find Everything at Your Doorstep

Business Culture in Spain

Selling Property in Spain: What Every Real Estate Agent Should Know

The Best Place to Buy a Holiday Home in Spain

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