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IE Exponential Learning is a new brand part of Spain's IE University. Today, the new normal is that learning is now a competitive advantage in today's constantly changing global economy. How does IE harness that? By offering academic experiences adaptable to all stages of your professional life. Like with all those translations I did during my time at Good Rebels, you won't see my name on the author byline because I write/upload a good amount of these pieces, and that would be kind of weird, amirite? The primary areas of IE Exponential Learning where I produce content for are High Impact Online Programs (HiOPs), which are flexible five-week-long online courses as well as for the 11-week Data Science Bootcamp. For every HiOP, there's a HiOP 101 article, designed to break down the basics for each program in hopes of getting people to enroll along with content related to the syllabi of each program. 

HIGH IMPACT ONLINE PROGRAMS (HiOPs): Check out the content by course

HiOP 101: Digital Marketing, Social Media, and Analytics: An Omnichannel Strategy 

Why do we need a customer journey anyway?

Is Snapchat dead?

Are social shares a good metric?

Market research with Reddit

Will video be part of the digital marketing revolution?

HiOP 101: Leading Innovation

A Taste of Leading Innovation at IE Alumni Weekend Madrid

Social Intelligence vs. Emotional Intelligence and how the distinction can help you lead

Ten qualities of a modern leader

Creating value in society

Get cast away on Innovation Island

QUIZ: Should your company conduct a Design Thinking Workshop?

Human ingenuity is your most strategic asset

HiOP 101: Startup to Scale Up: A Program On What To Do Once The Company Starts To Grow

The Scale Up In Brief

Presenting Scaling Up: The Internationalization of Spanish Technology-Based Startups

Read Up to Scale Up: Joe Haslam's Essential Reading List

IEXL at South Summit 2017

Start Up to Scale Up at South Summit

Pain points at scaling: lessons from Uber

Don't let history repeat itself: Pop culture examples to show you what not to do with your team

Nuggets from Joe

HiOP 101: Embedding Finance in Everyday Decision Making

Value-Based Management

Accounting vs. Finance: The Definitive Comparison

Ways to Create Shareholder Value

Should WeWork really be worth $20 billion?

Why is cash king anyway? We need it flow freely

HiOP 101: Leadership in Volatile Times

VUCA and Brexit

Virtual Home Assistants and the laws and regulations struggling to keep up with the times

India's Aadhar Program and the Impact of ID and Fintech

HIGH IMPACT ONLINE PROGRAMS (HiOPs): I originally wrote the content into English that then got translated into Spanish thanks to Vera Content

HiOP 101: Familias Empresarias: Cómo crear valor a lo largo de generaciones

El porqué de tener un plan de sucesión: El caso de Inditex

Para tener en cuenta con la próxima generación

Cómo mejorar la productividad de la empresa de tu familia

Mantén cerca a tus amigos pero aún más a los miembros de tu familia a la empresa

Asociar tu negocio familiar a un trust


Welcome to a blog of lifelong learning

Welcome to the world of HiOPS

 IE Exponential Learning News

Learning how to learn with Barbara Oakley



And we're off!

10 Reasons for You to Come to the IE Data Science Bootcamp

Two Programming Languages are Better than One

Machine Learning in Marketing

Data Science in Politics

Women in Data

Women in Data Scholarship Competition Landing Page

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