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As part of my work at WAM We Are Marketing, I ghostwrote content in British English for the Europe Emirates Group. This 360° marketing project includes the publication of two articles for publication on the corporate blog, a weekly newsletter, social media copy, and the overhaul and optimization for SEO of the new website as part of a successful upselling agreement. I then continued writing articles on a freelance basis as a complement to my full-time position. 



Europe Emirates Group Blog: Content ghostwritten by me

Why Dubai Is Still Worth Your Real Estate Investment

Banking Corporate and Ongoing Compliance Obligations

Your Ongoing Corporate Governance and Compliance Obligations

Changes to Dubai/UAE Mainland Company Foreign Ownership

UAE VIP Residency Process vs Standard Processing

Would You Trust a Corporate Services Provider Only On Price?

Why Could You Face Issues With UAE Company Bank Account Maintenance?

Issues That Arise When Opening a Company Bank Account in the UAE

Dubai and UAE Gold Card Visa: Understanding the Eligibility List

The Effect of Free Zones on Dubai and the UAE's Economy

The Recent Overhaul of the UAE Legal System Explained for Expats

Set Up in Dubai, UAE With KIKLABB

Benefits of Work With a 360° Corporate Services Provider in Dubai

The Ease of Doing Business in Dubai

Do Dubai Corporate Service Providers Only Sell a Company Licence?

Enjoy Remote Work in Dubai With the New Visa Scheme

Foreign and Ultimate Beneficial Ownership Changes in the UAE

DMCC Future of Trade Report and the DMCC Future of Trade Licence

Debunking "Setting Up a Bank Account in the UAE is Difficult"

The Benefits of Acquiring Dubai Free Zone Licences

RAK ICC Offshore Company Formation as a Solid Foundation

How to Open a Corporate Bank Account in Dubai for Foreigners

SHAMS Free Zone Requirements and Benefits

All About the Dubai Retirement Visa

A Dubai and Free Zone Cost Comparison

The DMCC Diamond Hub

RAK ICC Premium Products

All About the New DIFC Innovation Licence

Protect Your IP in the UAE With the RAK ICC

The Differences Between Citizenship and Residency-Based Taxation

The Dubai Tech Hub at the DMCC

Health Insurance in the UAE

DIFC Company Regulations and Benefits

Life Insurance in the UAE

Why You Should Not Go Directly to a UAE Free Trade Zone

Company Setup in the DMCC Free Zone: Rules and Regulations

Why You Need Company Management Services

Opening a UAE Bank Account from Abroad

UK Property Investment After Brexit: What You Need to Know

Recent Changes to the DIFC Wills Centre

How to Do a Letter of Wishes

Trust in a Company With Renown Like Europe Emirates Group

How to Obtain a UAE Residence Visa

Medical Device Registration in the UAE

Mainland Company Setup in Dubai

The UAE Economy Will Bounce Back in 2021

Your Guide to Business Setup in IFZA

How to Choose the Right Commercial Property in the UAE

Choosing the Right Location for Your Business in the UAE

Master Corporate Banking Solutions in the UAE

What is the UAE’s Definition of Economic Substance?

Changes to UAE Agency Law

What Are Statutory Financial Statements?

What You Need to Know About Company Registration in Singapore

How to Manage Banking After Brexit

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Offshore Bank Account

How to Purchase a Shelf and Vintage Company in Dubai

What You Need to Know About Citizenship by Investment in Malta

The IT Sector as a High-Potential Industry in the UAE

Climate Change as a Long-Term Economic Risk

Monaco Residency Requirements Explained

Dubai Mainland Company Requirements Explained

Have More Confidentiality With Company Nominee Services

Why The Monaco Real Estate Market is Still Worth It

FATCA vs. CRS: Comparing Financial Reporting Standards

Dubai's New Future District

Changes to Dubai DIFC End of Service Benefits Regulations

Your Primer for Successful Business Setup in UAE Mainland

How to Register An IBC in Seychelles

Changes to End of Service Benefits in Dubai Labour Market

What You Need to Know About the RAKICC Free Trade Zone in the UAE

DEMPE Transfer Pricing and European Offshore Firms

Your Questions About the Ajman Media City Free Zone Answered

What to Know About the DIFC Wills and Probate Registry

Make Your Yacht Registration in Monaco Simple

Expo 2020 and the Dubai Real Estate Market

The UAE Economy in 2020: An Outlook

The UAE's Removed from the EU Uncooperative Jurisdiction Blacklist

What You Need to Know About the Singapore Global Investor Programme

Looking for Improved SME Funding? Here's How Dubai Can Help

Real Estate Market Trends in the Next Decade

A Higher Price Tag for the EB-5 Visa and More Changes

We are Now an Eligible Introducer of ABC Banking Corporation

The Benefits of Moving to Gibraltar

How to Get British Virgin Islands Citizenship

Master Global Business with the UAE's Offshore Expert Consultants

Why You Should Set Up Your Family Office in Monaco

Five Advantages of Moving to Monaco from the UK

New Steps to Bolster Gold Trading in the UAE

Regulations for Setting Up Your JAFZA Offshore Company

What’s a Dubai Virtual Commercial Licence and How Can I Get One?

A Primer for Opening an Offshore Account in the UAE

The Emirates Blockchain 2021 Initiative: Innovation in the UAE

Prep for Expo 2020 & Set Up in the Dubai World Central Free Zone

Expo 2020 Dubai is One Year Away: What to Expect

What Are My Company’s UK Tax Liabilities When Domiciled Abroad?

Ultimate Beneficial Ownership and the Implications for Compliance

What’s an Offshore Company in a Dubai Free Trade Zone?

The Ultimate Guide to the Offshore Business Model

Business Registration Measures You Can Take in the Wake of Brexit

Europe Emirates Group Blog: Content edited and optimized for SEO by me

How to Get Permanent Residency in the UAE

How to File a UK Self-Assessment Tax Return

Going to School in Gibraltar: The Education System Explained

Discover the Tax Benefits and Residency Options in Gibraltar

Mainland Company Setup in Dubai

Types of Resident in UAE Income Tax Regulations

Tax Residency in the UAE: Certainty in Uncertain Times

The UAE Introduces New Economic Substance Laws – How Are You Affected?

Is the World Facing a Global Diamond Shortage?

The Top 5 Most Profitable Industries and Business Avenues in Dubai

Sample Revised Long-Form Content Assets (in PDF Format)

How to Set Up a Business in the UAE: A Guide

Sample Newsletter Test Messages (in PDF Format)

Discover the implications of citizenship-based taxation vs residency-based taxation

How blockchain could lead to better business

Find out if you have to file a UBO declaration

Sample Landing Pages

UAE Free Zone Promotion

Sample Optimized Website Content

IFZA Free Zone

St. Vincent and the Grenadines Company Formation

St. Vincent and the Grenadines Company Formation Requirements

St. Vincent and the Grenadines Company Formation Benefits

St. Vincent and the Grenadines Company Formation FAQs

Compliance FATCA/CRS

Sample Original Website Content Optimized for SEO

How to Set Up a Business in the UAE


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