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At Good Rebels, the majority of my time allocated for translating was for Rebel Thinking, the most important digital marketing blog in Spain according to Mediagenia. I ghost-translated (this is why you won't see me credited anywhere but I have the drafts on my MacBook to prove it) these pieces originally written in Spanish and subsequently published them again on Medium to improve SEO results. I also created and content for the Good Rebels English-language social media platforms: Twitter and LinkedIn. 


How to create a brand analytics model

The CEO’s seven essential objectives in the Digital Transformation

Consumer Insights: knowing the consumer through micro-moments

Consumer Experience: a methodology beyond the hype

Brand Communities, the value of connecting with the customer

The Digital Transformation, the path towards knowledge of the consumer

Digitization success stories from Google, Apple, and Facebook

And who motivates the leader that has to motivate others?

Goodbye, Human Resources. Hello, employee experience

Machine learning for improving conversation analysis and optimizing social listening

Why an open salary policy will make our Good Rebels stronger

Indicators for measuring and improving the customer experience

Collaboration: the means for survival in the digital world

The impact of conversational bots in the customer experience

Brand Strategy: Analysis at the core

How to enhance customer value through a differentiated experience

Your collaborators are already digital and they don’t know it yet

Open Innovation in the age of digitization

Tesla: A love brand strategy

Decision-making with automated dashboards and real-time KPI reporting

Marketing Automation as a business generator

Improving your internal communications through corporate culture with the right communication tools

Location Intelligence: the new way of looking at maps

Marketplace strategy in retail

iGens and banks: how to make a generation that ignores finance fall in love with it?

Can we measure the digital transformation?

Behavioral Analytics: the key to customized data-based marketing

Wearables: from identity crisis… to revival in 2017?

Digitization at the pharmacy: shoring up the patient journey

Dapps platforms & private blockchain frameworks

Digital banking beyond retail: the impact on investment banking

The keys to digital disruption in tourism

How does a smart contract work?

Doing good while doing well: brands betting on significance

The luxury consumer’s online purchasing process




Data Scientist: the next decade’s most promising job

Blockchain: building trust

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