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Fire in the belly

One of the most impacting teachers in my life, Laura Danforth, also was my lacrosse coach for my first two years of high school. Before each game, she would tell us about the concept of having fire in the belly, or having the motivation to do great things. While I never was the fastest runner, and I only scored one goal in my life, this fire in my belly has been constantly present, or as someone in Spain wisely told me: Tienes una fuerza de voluntad de hierro.

Launching JustAskKate is another manifestation of the fire in the belly, that in order to create my own life I must set out on a more unorthodox path.

I hope to use the JustAskKate blog to update you on what I continue to publish on the interwebs, and to expand my writing range: on this blog I have the freedom to write about a variety of topics and to continue building my voice.

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